QTown Tournaments Rules

1) All 9u-14u games will have a 1:30 time limit during Pool Play and Bracket Play. Innings can be finished after the time limit expires, but a new inning may not start after the 1:30 time limit. 

The timer begins after the umpires meet with coaches before each game, and a new inning officially starts when the last out of the previous inning is made. If the time limit expires in the bottom of an inning and the home team is winning, the game will end at expiration. There will be a 1 hour 4o minute time limit for the Championship game.

2) All 9u-12u games will be 6 innings or time limit, with run rules of: 15 runs after 3 innings, 8 runs after 4 innings.

3) All 13u-14u games will be 7 innings or time limit, with run rules of: 15 runs after 3 innings, 8 runs after 4 innings.

4) In pool play if the game is tied after time limit, the game ends in tie. Extra innings in pool play will continue only if the time limit has not been reached (ties will be equal to ½ win and ½ loss for each team in the standings).

5) In bracket play if the game is tied after time limit, the next inning will start with bases loaded and one out. The runners on base will be the last 3 players in the lineup from the previous inning. This process would continue each half inning thereafter until a winner is determined.

6) We reserve the right to alter the tournament schedule, time limits, or run rules if needed due to weather or other conditions out of our control. Six inning games are official after 3 innings or 2.5 if home team is winning. Seven inning games are official after 4 innings or 3.5 if home team is winning. Suspended games will be resumed at the point where the game was halted. 

7) All coaches and teams must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled game and must have teams warmed up and ready to play at the scheduled game time. Games may start early if your scheduled field is open and umpires are ready. Notification will be given in the event of bad weather.

8) Teams may have a brief time period to warm up in the outfield and on their side of the infield prior to games. There is not full infield before games, but you can take ground balls on your appropriate side of the field before the game. Starting pitchers are allowed 10 practice pitches maximum off the game mound before the game.

9) In all pool play games the home team is decided by coin flip. In bracket play the higher seeded team has the choice of being home or visitor. 

10) The designated home team will keep the official scorebook for tournaments games.

11) A minimum of 8 players is needed to start and finish a game, if playing with 8 players at any time an automatic out must be taken. 

12) Courtesy runners for the pitcher or catcher are allowed at any time (valid substitute if available). If a team is batting their entire roster, the courtesy runner is the last batted out.

13) No balk warnings for any age group, but balks will be lenient for 9u and 10u.

14) Qtown Tournaments will not be involved in counting pitches or regulating pitching during our regular unsanctioned tournaments. The ultimate responsibility of managing pitch counts rests on each team’s coaching staff, please handle your young pitchers in an appropriate manner.

15) All bats must have the USSSA 1.15 stamp or the new USA stamp, and will have no weight drop restrictions or barrel size restrictions for ages 9u-14u. BBCOR stamp bats and wood bats may also be used.

16) Teams are allowed to bat their entire roster with open defensive substitutions for any players in the lineup (except pitcher). Teams are also allowed to bat any number of players and use re-entry with subs if they choose, if using re-entry starters are allowed to re-enter the game one time in the same batting order spot they left. Pitchers may not return to the mound after being removed. If a team is batting their entire roster and a player ends up getting sick or injured, we will skip that spot in the lineup without taking an automatic out (any such player removed would not be allowed to re-enter).

17) Designated Hitter (DH) will NOT be allowed for the 9u-14u age groups.

18) The umpires will have the game card for tournament games. Head coaches from each team must sign the game cards after each game. Please make sure that the score is correct on the card before signing. The umpire will turn in the game card to the tournament director.

19) The fake-to-third and throw-to-first pickoff move is NOT allowed under USSSA rules and will be called a balk in our tournaments at ages 9u-14u.

20) The umpire’s ruling are final, protests will NOT be allowed. Please support the umpires.

21) Any situations not covered here will be governed by the USSSA rulebook.

Rain out Policy

0 games played – Full Refund


1 game played – 60% Refund


2 games played – 25% Refund


3 games played – No Refund

Refund Policy

Tournament fees will be refunded if given at least 7 days notice.  A $65 administrative fee will be applied to all refunds.
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    Event Information

    Date: May 19 – 21 2022






    Price: $535

    Who's coming


    Hannibal Mudcats 10u – Gauch

    Legends (Liberty IL) – Risley

    Legends (Canton MO) – Noble

    Bluecats (Winchester IL) – Fuhler


    Gem City Bombers – Terstegge

    Riverbats 11u (Palmyra MO) – Creech

    Midwest Intensity (Moscow Mills MO) – Sexton 

    Kaneland Knights Travel Baseball (Elburn IL) – Zwick

    Big Game (Pittsfield IL) – Wombles

    River Otters – Uhlmeyer



    Chatham Braves – Johnston

    Southern Storm Green – Winkeler

    Midwest Bandits – Maynard

    Kirksville Swat – Eitel



    Edwardsville Storm – Garman

    Quincy Patriots – Logsdon

    Gem City Bomber Blue – Robertson

    Chatham Braves Black – Nordwall

    Midwest Rage – Miller

    Wow Factor (Peoria IL) – Snell

    Quincy Dirtbags 13u – Little

    NEMO Sluggers (Kahoka MO) – Billings

    West Central Elite (Macomb IL) – Watson